Local Academy Committee

Who Are We?

Foundation Governors

Mrs Sonia Adamo-Ibbotson (Chair) - s.adamo-ibbotson@stjosephsrcinfant.bucks.sch.uk

Mrs Nicola Jones - n.jones@stjosephsrcinfant.bucks.sch.uk

LA Governor


Staff Governors

Mrs Ann Taylor (Head Teacher) - office@stjosephsrcinfant.bucks.sch.uk

Mrs Laura Dimino - office@stjosephsrcinfant.bucks.sch.uk

Parent Governors

Mr Richard Baker - r.baker@stjosephsrcinfant.bucks.sch.uk

Mrs Shruthi Bhagwan - s.bhagwan@stjosephsrcinfant.bucks.sch.uk

Specific Roles

Catholic Life - Mrs L. Dimino 

Safeguarding - Mrs S. Adamo-Ibbotson

Health and Safety - Mrs S. Adamo-Ibbotson

EYFS - Mrs N. Jones and Mr R. Baker 

Pupil Premium and PE Funding - Mr R. Baker

SEND - Mrs L. Dimino

Staff Welfare - Mrs S. Bhagwan

Student Behaviour and Welfare - Mrs S. Bhagwan