Year 1 Learning Overview


In Year 1 we aim to build on the learning gained in the Reception class and gradually introduce the children to the National curriculum. 

Children are taught a variety of subjects which are delivered through topics.  

Term 1: Dinosaurs




During this topic the children will be:

  • writing ‘We’re going on a Dinosaur Hunt’ stories
  • making dinosaur eggs and moving skeletons
  • learning about carnivores and herbivores
  • finding out where dinosaurs lived
  • creating our own dinosaur dance


Term 2: Australia




During this topic the children will be:

  • using role play to imagine what it would have been like to sail to Australia with Captain Cook
  • finding out about Australia’s unique creatures and how they live
  • creating art using Aboriginal dot paintings as our inspiration
  • learning Australian songs and making our own instruments
  • comparing England with modern day Australia


Term 3: The Queen’s Knickers

During this topic the children will be:

  • learning about the monarchy
  • identifying the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom
  • visiting Oxford Castle to see how kings and queens used to live
  • growing flowers and making cakes and sandwiches for our own garden party
  • designing and making knickers for the queen as read about in Nicholas Allan’s humorous book