Educational Visits

The school recognises the value of educational visits and these are planned into the curriculum to enrich our pupils' education. 

We aim to promote and provide such educational activities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. 

Throughout their time at St Joseph's Catholic Infant School your son/daugher may leave the school premises either to visit neighbouring locations or to visit other locations for the purpose of an off site educational visit. 

For all visits, parental permission will be sought via parental consent forms.  A consent form will be used for visits to neigbouring locations such as visits to St. Edwards Catholic Junior School.  A separate Parental Consent for an Educational Visit to other locations will need to be completed by parents.

Voluntary contributions may be requested towards the cost of off site educational visits.  There is no obligation for a parent or carer to make any contribution.  However, if there are insufficient voluntary contributions the activity may be cancelled.  This will be made clear to parents from the outset.