At St Josephs School, Mathematics is taught as a stand alone subject, although links are sometimes made with topic work where relevant. We strongly believe that all our lessons should promote joy, challenge and progression in Maths.  To ensure this, we use the White Rose Maths scheme to plan our curriculum, which is supported by materials from Primary Stars Education.  It is taught in blocks of different topics and gives children time to deepen their learning.

Children who master the basic concepts at a young age are able to grow into skilled mathematicians.

Maths is divided into the areas of: number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fraction, decimals, percentages, measurement, geometry and statistics.


What Is Maths Mastery?

Maths mastery ensures that all children are given the opportunity to acquire a deepened understanding of the subject.

This approach stems from high-performing nations such as Singapore who regularly rank at the top of the world in maths. A strong emphasis is put on problem solving and reasoning which results in understanding the concepts in greater depth.

Before this can be achieved, children need to have a solid enough understanding of the concepts and procedures before they can move on to more advanced material. This can be achieved by using a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach to maths giving all children the opportunity to work towards mastery.


The Primary Stars Education and White Rose Maths schemes encourage a deeper understanding of the concepts taught by following a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach to ensure all children can access learning without the need to memorise mathematical procedures. Furthermore, to encourage a deepened understanding of the concepts, we use resources that are designed to avoid rote learning and repetition of the same task.


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White Rose Maths Curriculum Guidance (Calculation)