Our School Milk Scheme

Our school provides a milk scheme that is available to all pupils.

Any child who wishes to receive milk at school must be registered with our milk provider, Cool Milk.

  • Children under 5 qualify for free milk at school, funded by the UK Government's Nursery Milk Scheme

  • Children aged 5 and older may purchase subsidised milk   

  • Pupils entitled to Pupil Premium funding are entitled to free school milk

Each pupil registered with Cool Milk will receive a 189 ml portion of semi-skimmed milk every day. Pupils will be provided with milk during the mid-morning break. School milk provides essential nutrients, and children will benefit from the rehydration and energy boost halfway through the morning.

If you would like to register for your child to receive school milk please visit our provider's website, www.coolmilk.com by clicking here and select 'register your child for school milk'.  Alternatively,  if you need assistance, you can call Cool Milk customer service team on 0800 321 3248.

Please click here for the Cool Milk information leaflet.