'Walk once a Week' (WoW)

WoW Scheme

We re-launched the WoW (Walk once a Week) scheme in November 2022 to promote healthier, more environmentally friendly, travel to and from school. Travelling sustainably also helps to reduce parking congestion outside our school and on the local roads.

This is a scheme delivered by Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking. 

WoW encourages children and families to walk to school at least once a week.

How does it work

Children record how they travel to school each day on the interactive WoW Travel Tracker in class.  At the end of each month, children who walk (cycle, scoot or Park and Stride) at least once every week will receive a collectable badge. A new badge can be earned each month. 

What if we can't walk all the way to school

We understand that it might not be possible for everyone to walk the whole way to school, but why not 'Park and Stride' - that is, park the car further away from the school, and walk (cycle or scoot) the last part of the journey.

Let's swap those school runs for school walks!

Please click here for the Living Streets 'Why Walk to School?' information sheet.



Please click here for the Living Streets 'Bring your WoW Badge to Life' information flyer for parents and carers.

Please click here for the Living Streets 'Swap the School Run for a School Walk' information leaflet for parents and carers.