At St Joseph's we make music an enjoyable learning experience where every child is encouraged to participate in a variety of musical experiences. All children have a regular weekly music lesson. All Key Stage 1 children attend a weekly singing assembly where they learn new songs and enter into a time of prayer, praise and worship to God. Music features in all areas of the curriculum, throughout the day. 

As a Catholic school, St Joseph's uses music to enhance its religious celebration and deepen the spiritual lives of our children. By using recorded music and singing we help the children to engage with our Liturgies, Celebrations and Masses. We have an extensive range of Worship Songs and use signing in many of the songs that the children and the staff sing. 

We are very proud to say that St Joseph's has been awarded Platinum status with Sing Up. We use singing as a tool to allow children of different ages, nationalities and abilities to develop their creativity and ability in music. Events throughout the year and topics studied in class are enhanced by musical performances. We have a Year 2 Choir who meet weekly and perform at school functions along with our Staff Choir.  

Our extensive range of percussion instruments, purchased by the School Community Association (SCA) are used by all the children. We also have a classroom set of djembe drums for pupils to use to play rhythms and accompany songs and we have a weekly drumming club for Key Stage 1 pupils. 

Hear the children singing:

Children singing