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Reception - Weekly Learning

Please remember you can use the class/year group email to let your teacher know about things you are doing at home or to just keep in touch:

Teachers will respond to emails once a week and they will check emails at least twice a week. This email address is not checked daily or during lesson time – the office email should be used for notifications about collection, drop-offs or urgent information.


Autumn Term 2021

Weekly Learning 13.09.2021

Weekly Learning 06.09.2021


Summer Term 2021

Summer Holiday Activities 2021

Weekly Learning 19.07.2021

Weekly Learning 12.07.2021

Weekly Learning 05.07.2021 

Weekly Learning 28.06.2021

Weekly Learning 21.06.2021

Weekly Learning 14.06.2021

Weekly Learning 07.06.2021

Weekly Learning 24.05.2021

Weekly Learning 17.05.2021

Weekly Learning 10.05.2021

Weekly Learning 03.05.2021

Weekly Learning 26.04.2021

Weekly Learning 19.04.2021


Spring Term 2021

Please click on the dates below to see the work your child will be covering in class. This is for your information and to help you at home.

Letter to Reception Parents - Remote Learning Spring 2021


Weekly Learning 29.03.2021

Weekly Learning 22.03.2021

Weekly Learning 15.03.2021 

Weekly Learning 08.03.2021


Weekly Learning 01.03.2021

Weekly Home Learning 01.03.2021

Reception Phonics Orange 01.03.2021

Reception Phonics Purple 01.03.2021

Reception Maths Circles 01.03.2021

Reception Maths Squares 01.03.2021

Reception Maths Triangles 01.03.2021

Jesus Loves the Children

Lucy Back to School Colouring Book


Weekly Learning 22.02.2021

Weekly Home Learning 22.02.2021

Reception Phonics Orange 22.02.2021

Reception Phonics Purple 22.02.2021

Reception Maths Circles 22.02.2021

Reception Maths Squares 22.02.2021

Reception Maths Triangles 22.02.2021


Weekly Learning 08.02.2021

Weekly Home Learning 08.02.2021

Reception Phonics Orange 08.02.2021

Reception Phonics Purple 08.02.2021

Reception Maths Circles 08.02.2021

Reception Maths Squares 08.02.2021

Reception Maths Triangles 08.02.2021


Weekly Learning 01.02.2021

Weekly Home Learning 01.02.2021

Home Learning Timetable 01.02.2021

Reception Phonics Orange 01.02.2021

Reception Phonics Purple 01.02.2021

Reception Maths Circles 01.02.2021

Reception Maths Squares 01.02.2021

Reception Maths Triangles 01.02.2021


Weekly Learning 25.01.2021

Home Learning Timetable 25.01.2021

Blank Timetable

Reception Phonics Orange 25.01.2021

Reception Phonics Purple 25.01.2021

Reception Maths Circles 25.01.2021

Reception Maths Squares 25.01.2021

Reception Maths Triangles 25.01.2021


Weekly Learning 18.01.2021

Home Learning Timetable 18.01.2021

Reception Phonics Orange 18.01.2021

Reception Phonics Purple 18.01.2021

Reception Maths Circles 18.01.2021

Reception Maths Squares 18.01.2021

Reception Maths Triangles 18.01.2021


Weekly Learning 11.01.2021

Example Timetable - Reception 

Blank Timetable - Reception

Reception Phonics Orange 11.01.2021

Reception Phonics Purple 11.01.2021

Reception Maths Circles 11.01.2021

Reception Maths Squares 11.01.2021

Reception Maths Triangles 11.01.2021


Weekly Learning 04.01.2021

Reception Phonics 04.01.2021


Autumn Term 2020

Please click on the dates below to see the work your child will be covering in class. This is for your information and to help you at home.

Weekly Learning 14.12.2020

Reception Phonics 14.12.2020

Weekly Learning 07.12.2020

Reception Phonics 07.12.2020

Weekly Learning 30.11.2020

Reception Phonics 30.11.2020

Ditty Sheets for Phonics

Weekly Learning 23.11.2020

Weekly Learning 16.11.2020

Weekly Learning 09.11.2020

Weekly Learning 02.11.2020

Weekly Learning 19.10.2020

Weekly Learning 12.10.2020

Weekly Learning 05.10.2020

Weekly update 07.09.2020

Weekly update 14.09.2020

Weekly update 21.09.2020