St Joseph's Catholic Infant School

St Joseph's Catholic Infant School

My Maths


Following a review of homework opportunities across the school and in response to requests for online ‘home’ activities we have subscribed to an online maths website called ‘My Maths’.

‘My Maths’ is a website that allows children to learn and practise their maths skills online.  There are many different levels and children can work at their own pace. 

Features of the programme include:

Unlimited access to a wide variety of interactive maths games

  • Lessons which guide the children through various maths topics
  • Short activities to reinforce what has been taught in class
  • Individual accounts for each child so that their achievements and progress can be recorded and acted upon by parents and the class teacher.
  • Homework activities based on what has been taught in class

In KS1 Maths homework will be set using ‘My Maths’ each half term by the class teacher and children will be able to complete that work at any point during the half term. You will receive a short note from the class teacher telling you when the homework has been set.

Teachers will be able to view what the children have done online so there is no need to print out any work or send anything into school.  Regular use of the site will help your child to develop their maths skills.

As a guide:

Reception pupils will be able to access some of the activities in level 1

  • Year 1 pupils will focus on level 1 but may start to access level 2
  • Year 2 pupils will focus on level 1 but may start to access level 3


In order to access the site and enable each teacher to view your child’s work each child needs an individual user name and password.  Pupils have already been given this information.

Please click here to visit the My Maths website.

We hope you enjoy using My Maths and if you require any assistance with accessing the website please ask.  We are happy to help.



Children - always ask a grown up before you use the internet.

They can help you find the best thing to do.

Grown-ups - keep a close eye on your children when they use any website.